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Marrese Crump - Martial ArtsThe action genre is where we live and we wouldn't have it any other way. Maluco Studios consists of young and dedicated professionals that push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking and photography.

Some of our top clients include world renowned martial artist Marrese Crump, former WWE Superstar and action star Dave Bautista, world class Capoeira mestre (master) Rony Costa, New York's hip hop phenom Talib Kweli, WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston, star of MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge and one of the best freerunners in the world Daniel Arroyo and so many other talented athletes and entertainers.

Our backgrounds include martial arts, fight choreography and cinematography, parkour/freerunning, military/tactical, extreme sports and oh so much more. Our experiences have taken us around the world, from Canada to Brazil, the UK to Thailand and we're not done yet.

We make it clear; we're not your standard production company. We embrace the latest cinematic technologies coupled with the versatility and efficiency we need to get the job done. The more difficult the shot is to get, the more likely you will see us there getting it.

What does "maluco" mean? It's a Brazilian Portuguese word and we like to think it translates to 'one who does not think or do like the others', but you can just call it: crazy.


Anesti Vega

Anesti Vega - Owner of Maluco Studios
Anesti Vega is the creator and owner of Maluco Studios. He is a martial artist and US Army combat veteran and applies his knowledge, discipline and experiences to everything he creates and raises the bar with each and every creative project. Click here to go to his personal website.
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What is Elamintal and why is it on some of the photos and videos featured on this site?

Elamintal was the name of Anesti Vega's first production company. It specialized in a variety of production services that ended up spreading too thin. With the launching of Maluco Studios specializing in action and extreme film, video and photo... Elamintal now serves as just a personal portfolio website for Anesti Vega's other creative projects. Check out Elamintal Multimedia here.

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